Meet Bob Sharpe, the Director

Bob Sharpe has been a Detroit talk show host, businessman, best-selling author, pastor, evangelist, educator and church planter. With all that, his passion is helping people find eternal life in Jesus.

Bob was raised in a liberal Protestant church, where he heard about God and religion, but he never heard the Gospel. At age 16 he ran away from home. After six weeks on the run, he heard the Gospel and received Christ. The following month he returned home a new person in Christ.

He was trained at Moody Bible Institute and William Tyndale College (then known as Detroit Bible College).

He has been involved in Christian broadcasting as a talk show host at WMUZ in Detroit, and at KICY in Nome, Alaska.

He has planted churches near Lafayette, Louisiana and in London, Ontario, Canada. In addition, he has also pastored churches in River Rouge, Michigan and in Southern California. He has preached in churches in 22 States and in Canada.

He has written three books on business, including one best-seller on Amazon. Now he is writing his most important book, How Your Church Can Change the World, describing the Andrew Effect in the church, the community and the world.

He currently lives in Homeland, California and is a member of Hemet Valley Baptist Church in Hemet, California..


Hear Bob’s Story on Unshackled!

The dramatized version of Bob’s salvation experience was broadcast on a worldwide network of Christian radio stations when Bob was 18.

Unshackled! is produced by the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, Illinois. Begun in the early 1950’s, it is the longest running radio drama program in history.